All For What... [2009]

All For What... (Japan Release) [2009]

Hailing from Sydney’s west, A Broken Silence launched on to the hip-hop rock scene in 2008. Breaking the silence with their debut LP All For What in 2009, the five-piece band quickly began to consume the ears of hip-hop and rock enthusiasts of the world.

It was the early sounds of All For What that were quickly snatched up by Tim Freedman who decided to collaborate with Torcha on the heartfelt “The Road is Lost.’ The track went on to become the first single from the debut album. Torcha toured the track around Australia with The Whitlams where they played, backed by an 88-piece orchestra to sold out audience’s across the country including the Sydney Opera House where they received a standing ovation – which to say the least was a memorable moment for the band.

Prior to starting A Broken Silence, Torcha (John Chmielewski) had already cemented a reputation in Australia’s hip-hop scene. He started rapping in his mid teens and was soon causing serious damage in local MC battles. He is best known as a part of dynamic duo Hyjak N Torcha. Together they released groundbreaking Australian hip hop music and have toured extensively around the country independently and in support of the likes of De La Soul, Xzibit, Mobb Deep, Lord Finesse, and the Hilltop Hoods. It was from here on that Torcha branched out with a new project, affording him a new sense of musical freedom.

Similarly, the other members of A Broken Silence also had pre-established careers in diverse areas of music. B-Don (Brendon Costello) who holds down the keys and programming has a background in both metal and hip-hop production. Guitarist Cactus (Daniel Bartulovich), who also showcases his melodic vocals throughout the latest record, has experience playing punk and rock in various bands. And finally, it’s the inspiration of bass player Boots (Simon Lennon) and drummer Nathan Tuffin which span from the likes of Miles Davis and James Brown to Wyclef and Damien Marley that really push the boundaries of the hip hop rock genre.

While coming from diverse musical corners and with a wide spectrum of influences and experience, the combined forces of the five members give life to the powerful crescendos, soaring punk rock and metal guitar lines in A Broken Silence’s sound. From this, A Broken Silence form their own unique lane as a group while at the same time stay true to their individual respective cultures and in effect produce a sound that does not have many to compare to.

With a freshly sign deal with Wide Awake/Death Row Record, A Broken Silence will release the self-title record to the rest of the world early next year followed by a national tour.

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